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. .., ^. . ..... .. _.-• £r ieavcK, the:

jiOco kavct. tben tfarut^ri: ont whb ieaves c:

iiiiCit T there n&e a hilL and oc that hill, stood the

I It was BD viTT beaatifii.

i . __• . whco yon wen: up in h, yo.

t^/vu^irt yvu w«m d«»wiL — and when you went down, yon though:

i and twelve men, aS c ov gicd in gold, were 't. £adi prxDces got into a boaL Tbt Lac Ixot cf like Yo u ag eg Pnooes.

jats ilid over tbe iw M jml i water. Bat the

Itva* :Qvaxf/atL Pn&oesi was is, was &r bdond the others.

Tbe luM i fiin rowed k»d, bat it seemed

.: tbey case to &e kS 00 wiacfa stood the

<af(k; Thi^ could bear mask, bat ndk ansic, tbat wanting or

f»9t waouog^ jrott bad to dance !

Tbe pnacesses roshed in like lightning, and they began to 4a.0M: wktii tbe yooog lads that were waiting for them, and they

-s wore ooL Our Lad went

eyes meet with ? A beauti-

kti, tjiji duKiOf^ hall, adorned with gold and (>recioas stones.

andlcs burned in golden sconces. The walls

■ , with broad lines of emeralds and rubies, all

t>la/ing like fire,

'IIm: IjjA sat himself in a corner, and watched, for he really had ^/Oi<rUuri|^ to Ujijk at. liut where was the blessing to be able to fU? He couldn't help beginning to jump from here to there, for jt wdn Jmpo««iljlc to git still when that music was playing. Why, tiVf.h the < a/zdlcsticks began to dance ! No one could even begin Ui i»«af(ine the beauty of those songs. Flutes, guitars, Pan-pipes, wnotUn trumpets, bag-pipes, all were playing in such harmony, iImI lilt bctji iiiusirians of the world would have been left quite out o( 11, hut the dunces ! With such fire did that music play the Hora, 111" l!,liiii;i, ihtr I'.n'ui, the Ca La Cortului, the Piparusul^ ' ro|)ular Roumanian dances.