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Reviews : —
H. Clay Trumbull's The Threshold Covenant 54
C. Horstman's Richard Rolle of Hampole, Vol. I. 56
Mrs. K. Langloh Parker's Australian Legendary Tales . 56
D. G. Brinton's The Myths of the New World . 57
Franz Boas' Indianische Sagen von der Nord-Pacifischen Küste 59
Italo Pizzi's Le Novelle Indiafte di Visnusarma (Panciatantra) 62
F. B. Jevons' An Introduction to the History of Religion 63
F. Max Müller's Contributions to the Science of Mythology 152
R. Andrea's Braunschweiger Volkskunde 157
P. Sébillot's Légendes et Curiosités des Métiers . 158
R. Schmidt's Der Textus Ornatior der Çukasaptati 160
R. Fick's Die Sociale Gliederung im Nordöstlichen Indien zu Buddha's Zeit . 161
M. H. Kingsley's Travels in West Africa 162
Mrs. K. McCosh Clark's Maori Tales and Legends 165
E. Hahn's Demeter und Baubo .... 167
W. F. Cobb's Origines Judaicæ 168
E. Higgens' Hebrew Idolatry and Superstition . 171
H. Ling Roth's The Natives of Sarawak and British North Borneo . 171
W. H. D. Rouse's The Jātaka, Vol. II., and H. T. Francis and R. A. Neil's The Jātaka, Vol. III. Joseph Jacobs. B.A 257
L. R. Farnell's The Cults of the Greek States, Vols. I. and II. 260
W. G. Aston's Nihongi, Chronicles of Japan, Vol. II. . 266
J. Jacobs' The Book of Wonder Voyages 266
W. Crooke's The North-Western Provinces of India 267
W. Crooke's The Popular Religion and Folklore of Northern India . 269
L. M. J. Garnett and J. S. Stuart-Glennie's Greek Folk-Poesy 272
L. W. King's Babylonian Magic and Sorcery. Prof. Sayce, M.A. 356
W. H. Seager's Natural History in Shakespeare's Time 359
Mrs. J. H. Philpot's The Sacred Tree . 360
R. Wrench's Corpus Inscriptionum Atticarum. W. R. Paton 361
E. Owen's Welsh Folk-Lore .... 362
C Beauquier's Blason Populaire de Franche-Comté 364
A. Nutt's The Celtic Doctrine of Re-birth. Prof. York Powell, M.A. . 365
K. Pearson's The Chances of Death. Alfred Nutt . 370
A. Lang's The Miracles of Madame Saint Katherine of Fierbois 372

Correspondence : —
Staffordshire Superstitions. L. L. Duncan, D. Townshend . 68
The Staffordshire Horn Dance. M. Peacock . . 70