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This page needs to be proofread.

The Hood-Game at Haxey. M. Peacock, H. F Jacob, J. M. Mackinlay 72, 173
Dozzils. W. Crooke . 75
Irish Funeral Custom. W. Crooke . 76
The Ten Wazirs. L. Goldmerstein . 76
Tommy on the Tub's Grave. W. P. M. 176
Folklore Firstfruits from Lesbos. W. H. D. Rouse 176
Water in Marriage Customs. Louise Kennedy 176
Supernatural Change of Site. E. S. Hartland, J. C. Atkinson 177, 279
Baptismal Rites. M. P. 280
All Souls. M. P. 280
Holy Week Observance in the Abruzzi. A. De Nino 374
The Hare. M. E. James 375
Fertilisation of Birds. Warmfield 375
Spiders. E. Peacock . 377
Omens of Death. M. Peacock 377
Italian Amulets. 378

Miscellanea : —
Balochi Tales (XIX. A Legend of Nādir Shah, XX. Dostèn and Shirèn). M. Longworth Dames . 77
The Part played by Water in Marriage Customs. L. Goldmerstein 84
Marks on Ancient Monuments. C. G. Leland 86
The Straw Goblin. C. G. Leland . . 86
Charms from Siam. Shears and Mangala Stand. M. C. Ffennell 88
More Staffordshire Superstitions. C. S. Burne 91
Charm for the Evil Eye. M. H. Debenham . 92
Marriage Superstitions. E. S. Hartland 92
The Swiss Folk-Lore Society .... 93
Folk-Medicine in County Cork. K. Lawless Pyne . 179
A Burial Superstition in County Cork. K. Lawless Pyne 180
A Folktale from Kumaon. Bhagwan Das Sarma 181
Plough Monday ..... 184
Folk-Medicine in Ohio. Mrs. George A. Stanbery . 185
The Sacred Fishes of Nant Peris 281
Ancient Custom at Sea. E. A. Melvill Richards . 281
Snake-Stones. M. J. Walhouse 284
Fairy Gold. W. H. D. Rouse. 379
Couvade. W. H. D. Rouse .... 379
A Folktale concerning Jesus Christ. N. W. Thomas . 379
Folklore from the Hebrides — II. M. MacPhail 380
Some Country Remedies and their Uses. J. H. Barbour 386
The Painswick Dog-pie. Mrs. A. B. Gomme . 390
Four Yorkshire Folktales. S. O. Addy 393