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I have tried to narrate briefly some of the most salient facts connected with the repressive policy of the Government in this Province. It is by no means exhaustive, nor can I do justice to this subject within the short space that is available to me in this address. The material at our disposal is so abundant that it would not be difficult to fill a goodly sized volume with a mere narration of all the cases within our knowledge. I have merely tried to indicate how heavy the hand of repression is in this Province and what difficulties the Congress and Khilafat workers and workers of the Gurdwara Movement have to meet with.

Sikh veterans of World war among staunchest followers.

It is difficult to say which to admire most, the courage and self-sacrifice of those who have cheerfully gone to jail or the undaunted spirit and enthusiasm of those who are working outside in face of great odds. The Hindus and the Mohammadans have done very well, indeed, and given a splendid account of themselves; but the palm in the matter of suffering and self-sacrifice is certainly to be given to the Sikh community.

They have high and glorious, and what is more, recent military traditions behind them. They are a race of born fighters, thoroughly martial in spirit, yet in this non-violent fight, they have shown incontestably that their power of suffering without retaliation is as great as their capacity to fight. Under the most provoking conditions they have exhibited exemplary patience and self-control which cannot but evoke admiration from all lovers of true courage.

Non-Co-operation movement stronger.

I hope I have demonstrated clearly that the very intensity of the repression by the Government, the nervousness betrayed by it and the other steps taken by it to counteract the effects of the movement of non-co-operation is a sure sign that our movement is stronger than