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regions where light is not. A shuddering motion of the material of our world warns that we are where your worlds are. And just as for you sometimes the motion of the air or water passes into a hurricane or a whirlpool, so to us a vastly increased movement of the ether (not the regular movement which is the cause of gravity, but a quivering movement) indicates the presence of one of the secular outbursts of conflagration which form part of the process by which your worlds become fitted for your occupation."

"But how," inquired I, "can you come into our world without having any direct sensation of its whereabouts?"

"Once we have been here," he said, "it is a matter of easy calculation to us to fix the locality; and we can communicate the elements of the calculation to others who have not been here."

Here he paused, and rose to his feet, and as we were about to rise he signed to us to keep sitting.

"Now," he said, "hearken carefully while I tell you of those into whose power you are fallen." And as he spoke it seemed to me that his attention was directed more especially to myself.

He went on—"The Infinite One, ages before your worlds were formed, called the ethereal host into being.