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he took his bow azid made ready to shoot at it; Then the fox said, "Do not shoot me, far I will give you good ooonsel; I know what your business is, and that you want to find the golden bird. You will reach a village in the evening ; and when you get there, you will see two inns opposite to each other, one of which' is very pleasant and beautiful to look at: go not in there, but rest for the night in the other, though it may appear to you to be very poor and mean." But the son thought to himself, What can such a beast as this know about the matter T So he shot his arrow at thefox ; but he missed it, and it set up its tail above its back and ran into the wood. Then he went his way, and in the evening came to the village where the two inns were ; and in one of those were people singing, and dancing, and feasting; but the other looked very dirty imd poor. "I should be very silly," said he, ** if I went to that shabby house, and left this charming place;" so he went into the smai*t bouse, and ate and dnuak at his ease, and forgot the bird and his country too.

Time passed on ; and as the eldest son did not come back, and no tidings were heanlof him, the second son set out, and the same thmg happened to him. He met the fox, who gave him the same good advice : but when he came to the two inns, his eldest brother was standing at ihe window where the merrymaking was, and called to him to come in; and he could not withstand the temptatiom but went in, and forgot the golden bird and his country in the same manner.

Time passed on again, and the youngest son too wished to set out into the wide world to seek for the golden bird ; but his father would not listen to it fbr a long while, for he was very fond of his son, and was afraid that some HI luck mighil happen to him also, and prevent his coming back. Horwever, at laat it was agreed he should go, for he would not rest at heme ; and-as he came to the wood, he met the fox.