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pleasure, and passed into history, I am unable to say, for none of the documents that have come recently into my possession relate to any proceedings, or tell the history, of the Association, subsequent to the dinner of June 24, 1869, and I am at present without other sources of information.

Very truly yours,


Treasurer H. Z. 5. Ass*n.

HARVARD LAW ASSOCIATION. Dane Law School, Cambridge, Mass.

A meeting of the Students and Resident Graduates of the Dane Law School was held in the Library Room of Dane Hall, on the evening of the twenty-second of June, for the purpose of proposing a plan for the organization of an Association of the past and present members of the School. At this meeting a committee was appointed to make ar- rangements for a second meeting, and to prepare an address to the older members of the School, inviting their attendance at, and co-operation in, the proceedings of the subsequent meeting.

Agreeably to such instruction, the following circular was prepared and issued by the committee : —

Cambridge, June 25, 1868.

Sir, — The many pleasant, personal, and local associations which ordinarily grow out of the assembling together of young men, for the purposes of education and general culture, have often suggested to the members of the Law School of Harvard University a desire to adopt some means of keeping alive an interest in each other's fortunes and success in life, and in preserving those relations of personal regard, which time and a separation from each other can hardly fail to dim, if not to obliterate.

Encouraged by opinions expressed by past members of the School, the present members thereof, in order to devise a plan for a more per- manent union of influence and interest, convened at Dane Hall on the evening of the twenty-second inst., to consult upon the best means of accomplishing this purpose. A committee was raised to consult with former members of the School and ask their co-operation, and to address to such of them as they could reasonably expect to be present, a circular inviting them to attend a meeting at an early day, for the purpose of forming an Association similar to the Alumni Associations of the New England Colleges, of such as have been members of the Harvard Law School, to come together at stated periods, and to strengthen and extend a liberal and generous sympathy among those who have been educated to the same noble science, and have shared the instruction and honors of a common A/ma Mater,

This circular letter, subscribed by past as well as present members of the School, has accordingly been prepared, and is now forwarded to you, requesting you to meet at Dane Hall, on Thursday, July 9th, 1868, at 7J4 o'clock P.M., to confer and take measures to organize such an Association. If unable to attend, please communicate your views and wishes in the premises, by letter, to be read at the meeting, addressed to George H. Bates, Cambridge, Mass.