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insulted when told of things that have not been done and for the doing of which a desire was not apparent.

4. The British Government was full of self-conceit and think anything it does perfect.

5. The main objects of the British Government and its officials is to fill their aching bellies.

6. Intervening Collectors, Commissioners and other people are not wanted.

7. All British Rule except a mere nominal sovereignty is to be removed at an early moment.

8. The British have in the course of 50 years failed to educate India so that it is fit to rule itself.

9. The British are unfit to rule and must go.

10. The priests of the Deity i.e., the British Government—the officials—must be removed because this priest or that priest does not do good to the people.

11. Responsible officials in India keep back from the King Emperor the full facts, hence justice is not done.

12. The only reason the Viceroy and other officials in India get high pay is because India has to pay for them.