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the modern European staff totally disdain. Sir Subramaniem even to-day remembers how Mr. Williams would make English Grammar interesting with the help of examples from the speeches and writings of great Parliamentary worthies. For instance to show the difference in the use of a and the Mr. Williams would quote Fox's statement comparing Pitt with himself:—"I never wanted a word; Pitt never wanted the word" Subramaniem won a scholarship of Rs. 5 a month, then prize after prize, and passing an examination which had then been instituted by the name of the First Standard examination, had the pleasure of seeing his name in print,and that too in the Gazette. To be accurate, it was the Collector who noticed that a boy of Madura had passed creditably and on learning from the Sheristadar, who was no other than young Subramaniem's brother? he offered the boy of 17 a place in the Collectorate on a pay of 20 Rs. a month. He continued in this place with spells of long leave now and then, and with a sudden lift to a Tashildari for a brief period after he passed his B.L. in 1868. For nine years he divided his time in passing first a Pleadership test and then finding that