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beated and the Madras Government, without moving its small finger against these endless oddities of the official and pro-official world, seemed in fact to believe that it was all "business as usual." When administrators and officials with power of patronage and power of prosecution and trial in their hands become politicians, and make use of their powers and opportunities for purposes of political effect, no Government can fail to reach the bottom of its prestige. Lord Pentland might have been told that like Dr. Faustus Dr. Subramaniem had sold his soul, not to the evil one, but to Mrs. Besant. Did he care to have a talk with him if it was really so instead of believing all that he heard? And be it borne in mind that Sir Subramaniem had acted thrice as the Chief Justice of Madras and had read the Peoples' Welcome Address to two Heir Apparents to the Throne! Well, let us alone Sir Subramaniem. Salem Vijayaraghavachar is neither a Theosophist nor a member of the Home Rule League. He had been long in the Local Council; he had been in the last session in the Imperial Council. He is a seasoned hero, a granite column of true independence, against which the Exe-