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This page needs to be proofread.

Pronounce—Say, speak, utter, declare, affirm, articulate, enunciate.

Proof—evidence, testimony, argument.

Propagate—multiply, increase, disseminate, diffuse, circulate, spread, extend.

Propensity—liking, inclination, proneness, tendency, bias.

Proper—fit, right, suitable, appropriate, just.

Propitious—favorable, auspicious.

Propitiate—conciliate, appease, reconcile.

Proportinate—equal, adequate, commensurate.

Propose—offer, apply, tender, purpose, bid, intend.

Prospect—view, landscape, survey.

Prospective—future, foreseeing, hereafter, forward.

Prosperous—fortunate, lucky, flourishing, successful.

Protect—maintain, uphold, guard, shield, defend, cherish, foster, patronize.

Protract—withhold, retard, delay, prolong, defer, postpone.

Proud—haughty, assuming, arrogant, lofty, yain, conceited.

Proverb—Maxim, saying, adage.

Provide—procure, furnish, supply, prepare.

Provident—cautious, prudent, economical, careful.

Proviso—requirement, condition, stipulation.

Provoke—excite, irritate, enrage, aggravate, exasperate, tantalize.

Prudence—forethought, carefulness, wisdom, judgment, discretion.

Publish—announce, promulgate, proclaim, advertise, declare.

Puerile—infantile, boyish, juvenile, childish.

Pull—bring, haul, draw, drag.

Punctual—prompt, particular, exact.

Punish—whip, chastise, correct, discipline.

Pursure—follow, prosecute, chase, persist, continue, persevere.

Puzzle—confound, perplex, bewilder, embarass, entangle.


Quack—impostor, pretender, empiric, charlatan.

Qualified—capable, fit, competent, adapted.

Quarrel—fight, affray, riot, battle, contest, contention, altercation, dispute, tumult.

Query—question, interrogatory, inquiry.

Question—ask, examine, doubt, dispute, consider, inquire, interrogate.

Questionable—Suspicious, doubtful.

Quick—rapid, active, lively, swift, prompt, expeditious, brisk.

Quiet—calm, repose, tranquillity, rest, ease, peaceable, placid, still.

Quit—depart, leave, resign, abandon, forsake, relinquish.

Quora—rate, share, proportion.

Quote—copy, relate, cite, adduce.


Race—lineage, family, breed, course, generation.

Radiance—light, brightness, brilliancy, glory.

Race—indignation, anger, fury.

Rage—heighten, elevate, exalt, erect, collect, propagate.

Rank—class, degree, place, position.

Ransom—purchase, free, redeem.

Rapacious—voracious, ravenous, greedy.

Rapidity—swiftness, speed, celerity, fleetness, agility, velocity.

Rapture—joy, delight, transport, ecstacy.

Rare—Scarce, uncommon, singular, excellent, unusual, incomparable, raw.

Rash—impulsive, hasty, thoughtless, violent, headstrong.

Rate—price, quota, proportion, ratio, value, degree, assessment.

Ravenous—voracious, greedy, rapacious.

Ray—dawn, beam, gleam, streak, glimmer.

Real—certain, true, genuine, positive, actual.

Realize—reach, procure, achieve, consummate, accomplish, effect.

Reason—purpose, proof, motive, argument, origin, understanding.

Reasonable—fair, probable, moderate, just, equitable, honest, rational.

Rebuke—reprimand, reproach, reproof, censure.

Recant—revoke, recall, renounce, withdraw, retract, abjure.

Recede—retire, retrograde, retreat, fall back.

Recite—repeat, rehearse.

Reckon—count, number, estimate, calculate, compute.

Reclaim—reform, recover, correct.

Recollection—remembrance, reminiscence, memory.

Recompense—satisfaction, pay, price, reward, remuneration, equivalent.

Reconcile—propitiate, conciliate.

Recruit—repair, retrieve, replace, recover.

Rectify—mend, improve, correct, amend, reform.

Redeem—restore, rescue, recover, ransom.

Redress—relief, remedy.

Refer—propose, suggest, allude, intimate, hint.

Refined—graceful, genteel, polished, polite, elegant.

Reform—correct, amend, rectify, improve, better.

Refractory—unmanageable, unruly, contumacious, perverse.

Refrain—forego, forbear, abstain, spare.

Regale—refresh, entertain, feast, gratify.

Regard—respect, esteem, value, reverence, mind, heed.

Regardless—careless, negligent, indifferent, unconcerned, unobservant, heedless.

Region—section, quarter, district, country.

Regret—sorrow, complaint, lament, grief.

Regulate—control, rule, direct, govern, dispose, adjust.

Rehearse—detail, repeat, recite, recapitulate.

Reject—refuse, deny, decline, repel.

Rejoinder—response, answer, reply.

Reliance—trust, belief, confidence, repose, dependence.

Relieve—assist, help, succor, alleviate, aid, mitigate, support.

Religious—pious, devout, holy.

Remain—continue, stay, abide, tarry, sojourn.

Remainder—Test, residue, remnant.

Remark—comment, observation, note.

Reminiscence—recollection, remembrance.

Remiss—heedless, negligent, careless, inattentive, thoughtless.

Remit—send, transmit, liberate, abate, forgive, pardon, relax.

Remorse—penitence, distress, contrition.

Renew—revive, refresh, renovate.

Renounce—leave, resign, abdicate, abandon, forego, relinquish, quit.

Reknown—fame, reputation, celebrity.

Repair—improve, retrieve, recover, restore.

Reparation—restitution, amends, restoration.

Repeal—cancel, annul, revoke, abolish, abrogate, destroy.

Repeat—detail, rehearse, recite.

Repetition—tautology, prolixity, iteration, reiteration.

Replenish—supply, fill, refill.

Repose—ease, sleep, rest, quiet.

Reproach—blame, reprove, censure, condemn, upbraid, reprimand.

Repugnance—aversion, abhorrence, antipathy, dislike, hatred.

Repugnant—hostile, adverse, opposite, contrary.

Reputation—repute, fame, honor, character, renown, credit.

Request—solicit, ask, demand, entreat, beg, beseech, implore.

Requisite—important, necessary, essential, expedient.

Research—investigation, study, examination, inquiry.

Resemblance—Similarity, semblance, similitude, likeness.

Residence—home, abode, house, dwelling, domicile.

Residue—leavings, remainder, rest.

Resign—yield, abdicate, renounce, relinquish, forego.

Resignation—patience, endurance, submission, acquiescence.

Resist—endure, oppose, withstand.

Resolution—firmness, determination, fortitude, courage, decision.

Resort—visit, frequent, haunt.

Respect—esteem, regard, deference, attention, consideration, good-will, estimation.

Respectful—deferential, dutiful, obedient, civil.

Respite—delay, suspension, interval, reprieve.

Response—reply, answer, rejoinder.

Responsible—amenable, answerable, accountable.

Rest—quiet, ease, repose, intermission, stop, cessation, others, remainder.

Restore—cure, renew, return, repay, rebuild.

Restrain—confine, repress, restrict, coerce, limit, constrain.

Restrict—limit, circumscribe, hold, bind.

Result—effect, issue, ultimate, consequence, event.

Retain—hold, detain, keep, reserve.

Retard—hinder, defer, protract, postpone, delay, procrastinate, prolong, prevent, impede.

Retire—recede, withdraw, retreat, secede.

Retract—annul, take back, revoke, recant, recall.

Retrieve—renew, recover, regain.