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had many like you, we would never make any advance. This thought is worthy of your attention.

READER : It seems to me that you simply want to put me off by talking round and round. Those whom you consider to be well-wishers of India are not such in my estimation. Why, then, should I listen to your discourse on such people? What has he whom you consider to be the father of the nation done for it ? He says that the English Governors will do justice, and that we should co-operate with them.

EDITOR : I must tell you, with all gentleness, that it must be a matter of shame for us that you should speak about that great man,in terms of disrespect. Just look at his work. He has dedicated his life to the service of India. We have learned what we know from him. It was the respected Dadabhai who taught us that the English had sucked our life-blood. What does it matter that, to-day, his trust is still in the English nation ? Is Dadabhai less to be honoured because, in the exuberance of youth, we are prepared to go a step further ? Are we, on that account,