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Abbot Eadred, whom we have so often mentioned, and, to provide rest at length for his people, told him to act as follows. "Go," said he, "to the Danish camp, and say that it was I who sent you to them, and ask them where you may find a boy named Guthred raised to the throne.Guthred, son of Hardecnut, whom they sold to a widow. When you have found him and paid the widow his price for him, bring him before the whole army, and say that it is my wish and my command that he shall have the bracelet placed upon his right arm in Oswiesdune, (that is, in Oswy's Mount,) and be elected their king." The abbot, when he awoke, told all this to his companions, and immediately went and did as he had been commanded. He produced the young man in public, and all, both natives and barbarians, listened obediently to the words of St. Cuthbert, and unanimously raised the youth from slavery to a throne; which honour had no sooner been thus obtained by the favour and good-will of all, than the disturbances were ended, tranquillity restored, and the episcopal see, which was before at Lindisfarne, was revived at Chester-le-Street. Cuncacester. Thither, therefore, they also brought the incorruptible body of the saint, at the end of the four months, from Creca; and at the same time there were instituted men to perform God's holy service there; and the excellent Prelate Eardulphus, a man who through good and evil had adhered to St. Cuthbert, was the first who ascended the episcopal throne in that place. King Guthred, too, conferred no few honours and donations on that church, and with devout humility submitted himself to him, who from a slave had made him a king. Wherefore whatever he ordained for the privileges and liberties of his church, and for the sustenance of those who served him, this faithful minister hastened to fulfil. Lastly, the saint appeared in a vision to the aforesaid abbot, and said to him, "Tell the king to grant the perpetual possession of all the land between the Were and the Tyne to me and those who