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The Sixth Age

A.M. 3981 [30].

In the fifteenth year of the reign of Tiberius[A.M. 4030 A.D. 26]
Christ's Preaching
, the Lord, after the baptism which John preached, announces Christ's to the world the kingdom of heaven, 4000 years from the beginning of the world, according to the Hebrews, as Eusebius says in his Chronicles; remarking that the sixteenth year of Tiberius was the commencement of the 81st, Jubilee, according to the Hebrews. But why our computation gives eleven years less, will be easily seen by those who have read the former parts of this book. But according to the same Chronicles, which Eusebius himself wrote from either computation as it seemed good to him, there are 5228 years.

A.M. 3984 [38].

In the eighteenth year of the reign of Tiberius,[A.M. 4033. A.D. 29.]
Christ Crucified.
the Lord by his passion redeemed the world, and the Christ Apostles, previously to their preaching throughout the coasts of Judæa, ordain James, the brother of the Lord, to be bishop at Jerusalem; they moreover ordain seven deacons: and after the stoning of StephenStephen stoned.
[A.D. 31.]
, the church Stephen is scattered throughout the regions of Judæea and Samaria. Agrippa, surnamed Herod, son of Aristobulus, the son of Herod the king, having gone to Home to accuse Herod the tetrarch, is cast into prison by Tiberius, where he made many friends, and, in particular, Caius, son of Germanicus.

A.M. 3993 [42].

Caius, surnamed Caligula Caligula.
[A.D. 38]
, reined 8 years, 10 months, and 8 days. He released his friend, Herod Agrippa, from prison, and made him king of Judæa, where he reigned 7 years, until the fourth year of Claudius, when, being smitten by an angel, he was succeeded in the kingdom by his son AgripaClaudius Agrippa.
A.D. 42.
, who reigned 25 years, until the destruction of the Jews. Herod the Tetrarch went to