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�in Wayne Co. Nov. 13, 1825 ; they have four children, two sons and two daughters — -William C., John, Jane E. and Sarah R. John Fulton's first wife died in Nov- ember, 1853 at the age of 20 years.

GARBER, EMANUEL, farmer and stock-raiser; P. 0. Lexington ; he was born Sept. 28, 1824, in Lancaster Co., Penn.; came to this county in 1835. Was married to Emaline Diegle Feb. G, 1849 ; she was born in Philadel- phia, Penn., September 1830. They have ten children, five sons and five daughters, viz., George F., William H., Isaac H. John W., Henry D., Eliza J., Mary A. Martha E. Anna S. and Emma R.; all living. Eliza J. Garber was married to George W. Wert in February 1879.

GERHARD, JOHN F., farmer and stock-raiser; P. 0. Bellville. Mr. Gerhard was born in Cumberland Co., Penn., Oct. 3, 1835 ; he came to this county with his parents when he was 2 years old (1837). He remained with his parents until he was 23 years old, when he was married to Elizabeth Chronister in 1858 ; she was born in this county March 13, 1837; they have eight children, five sons and three daughters — William F., Andrew S., Charley S., John 0., Mary E., Daisy B., and Rosha A. J. ; Daniel W. is dead ; Mary E. was married to John Timmerman April 29, 1876 ; he was born in Holland in 1852 ; they have two children ; he resides in this county. Mr. Gerhard has always remained on the old homestead from his child- hood up to this time ; he was Township Clerk six years ; at the expiration of his clerkship he was elected County Commissioner of this county ; his first term expires in the fall of 1880 ; his father was born in Cumberland Co., Penn., Oct. 14, 1810; he is still living and is now 70 years old ; Mrs. Gerhard was born in Harrisburg, Penn., June 9, 1813, and died July 10, 1871 ; she was 58 years old.

GRIZE, CALEB F., farmer ; P. 0. Bellville ; he was born in Fayette Co., Penn., March 14, 1831 ; he came to this county with his parents in 1840 ; he re- mained with them until he was about 18 years old, when he started out in life for himself ; he worked at painting and turning for about, five years ; he then left this county and went to Indiana where he remained one year ; he then left and went to Wisconsin, and resided about one year, then returned to this township and was here about one year, when he was married to Miss Mary Ann Gerhart, Oct. 1, 1857 ; she was born in Lancaster Co., Penn., Nov. 8, 1841 ; they had two children, one is living named Alice. In 1861, his first wife died, leaving him with one child ; about six years after, he was married to his second wife. Miss Margaret Ann Miller, Oct. 23, 1867; she was born in Lancaster Co., Penn., Sept. 13, 1843; they have five children, four sons and one daughter, named Ulysses S., Oliver J., Charles A., Milton Jay and Ella May ; Alice, the daughter of his first wife, was married to Isaac W. Dwire, Feb. 27, 1874 ; they have one child. Mr. Grize bought the farm formerly owned by John Miller, where he now resides and where he expects to remain the rest of his days. He enlisted in the late war in 1861 for three months, served his time and was discharged, when he enlisted in September, 1862, in Co. E, 102d 0. V. I. and was discharged in July, 1865 ; he served three years. Mr. and Mrs. Grize are members of the Evan- gelical Church.

��HAMMETT, JOHN, farmer and stock-raiser; P. 0. Mansfield. Mr. Hammett was born in Maryland in 1825 ; his parents came to this county in 1832 ; he remained with his parents until he was 22 years old. He was married to Lydia Newton in 1848 ; she was born in this county; they have ten children, three sons and seven daughters — William B., John H., Arthur C, Maggie F., Alice R., Elizabeth U., Ida C. and Etta W. ; Amelia L. and Alevilda A. are dead. Maggie F. was married to J. W. Bowden in 1872, they have two children. Alice R. was married to Harry Day in 1873 ; they naire three children; Elizabeth U., was married to S. B. Swisher in 1878; they have one child. Mr. Hammett bought the farm formerly owned by John Stewart, where he now resides; he has built a fine resi- dence and is also well provided for the future ; his farm is well improved and everything in good condition ; he is proud of his home. He has a nice family of children and all are well raised to good habits.

HANELY, MOSES, farmer and stock-raiser ; P. 0. Lexington ; he was born in Lancaster Co., Penn., in 1819; he came to Stark Co., Ohio, in 1833. He was married to Lydia Stump in 1844 ; he then came to this county in 1858, and bought the farm formerly owned by Anthony Cate ; they have ten children, six sons and four daugh- ters — Samuel, Joseph, Alfred, Franklin, John, Michael, Sevilla, Jemima, Almira and Lucia ; of these, John, Michael and Lucia are dead. Sevilla Hanely was married to Josiah Stoner in 1877 ; he was born in Stark Co. ; they have one child ; they live in Stark County.

HEYSER, ELIAS, blacksmith; (P. 0. Barnes). Mr. Heyser was born in Washington Co., Md., Feb. 27, 1827. He remained there until he was 3 years old, when his parents moved to Franklin Co.. Penn., where he remained until June 19, 1845, when they moved to this county. Mr. Heyser was then at the age of 17 years; he hired out to work at farming for two years, when he went to learn the blacksmith trade with Samuel Lance ; he served three years as apprentice. At expiration of his term, he was married to Elenor Furgeson in 1848; he moved to Ashland Co. in 1849, where he remained until the spring of 1857, when he moved to Iowa, where he remained un- til about Nov. 2. About this time, he lost his wife. He returned to this county some time in the same year, where he has remained ever since. They had three chil- dren, one son and two daughters — William F., Mary E., and Rachel R. Mary E. was married to Elmore Miller ; they have three children. Rachel R. was married to John Lorow ; they have five children. Mr. Heyser was married to Arabell Lickliter in November 1858; she was born in Hampshire Co., Va., Feb. 16, 1834; they* have six children, three sons and three daughters — John H., Ulysses G., Elias G. (deceased), Martha S., Flora B. and Effa E. Mrs. Lickliter, the mother of Mrs. Heyser, is still living and resides with the family of Mr. Heyser ; she is now 79 years old. Mr. Heyser enlisted in the late war, Oct. 21, 1861, and was discharged Dec. 14, 1864, served his full time; he was First Sargeant in Co. I., 65th 0. V. I.

HULL, JOHN, farmer; P. 0. Mansfield. Mr. Hull was born in Cumberland Co., Penn., March 8, 1804; his parents came to this county in fall of 1822; Mr. Hull's

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