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in, and of himſelf, and is alone in, and unto himſelf all-ſufficient, not ſtanding in need of any creatures which he hath made[1], nor deriving any Glory from them[2], but only manifeſting his own glory, in, by, unto, and upon them: He is the alone Fountain of all Being, of whom, through whom, and to whom are all things[3]; and hath moſt Soveraign Dominion over them, to do by them, for them, or upon them whatſoever himſelf pleaſeth[4]. In his ſight all things are open and manifeſt[5], his knowledg is infinite, infallible, and independent upon the creature[6], ſo as nothing is to him contingent or uncertain[7]. He is moſt holy in all his councels, in all his works, and in all his commands[8]. To him is due from Angels and Men, and every other creature, whatſoever worſhip, ſervice, or obedience he is pleaſed to require of them[9].

III. In the Unity of the God-head there be Three Perſons, of one ſubſtance, power and eternity; God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Ghoſt[10]. The Father is of none, neither begotten, nor proceeding: The Son is eternally begotten of the Father[11]: the Holy Ghoſt eternally proceeding from the Father and the Son[12].

Chap. III.

Of Gods eternall Decree.

GOD from all eternity did by the moſt wiſe and holy Counſell of his own Will, freely, and unchangeably ordain whatſoever comes to paſs[13]. Yet ſo, as thereby neither is God the Author of ſin[14], nor is violence offered to the wil of the Creatures, nor is the Liberty or contingency of ſecond Cauſes taken away, but rather eſtabliſhed[15].