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Chriſt, by his Spirit working in due ſeaſon, are juſtified, adopted, ſanctified[1], and kept by his power through faith unto ſalvation[2]. Neither are any other redeemed by Chrift, effectually called, juſtified, adopted, ſanctified and ſaved, but the Elect only[3].

VII. The reſt of man-kinde God was pleaſed according to the unſearchable councell of his own Will, whereby he extendeth, or withholdeth mercy, as he pleaſeth, for the glory of his Soveraign Power over his creatures, to paſs by, and to ordaine them to diſhonour and wrath for their ſin, to the praiſe of his glorious juſtice[4].

VIII. The doctrine of this high Mystery of Predeſtination is to be handled with ſpeciall prudence and care[5], that men attending the Will of God revealed in his Word, and yeelding obedience thereunto, may, from the certainty of their effectuall Vocation, be aſſured of their eternall Election[6]. So ſhall this Doctrine afford matter of praiſe, reverence, and admiration of God[7], and of humility, diligence, and abundant conſolation to all that ſincerely obey the Goſpell[8].