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Chap. V.

Of Providence.

GOD the great Creator of all things, doth uphold[1], direct diſpoſe, and govern all creatures, actions and things[2], from the greateſt even to the leaſt[3], by his moſt wiſe and holy Providence[4]; according to his infallible fore-knowledg[5], and the free, and immutable counſell of his own Will[6], to the praiſe of the glory of His Wiſdom, Power Juſtice, Goodneſſe, and Mercy[7].

II. Although in relation to the fore-knowledg and decree of God, the firſt Cauſe, all things come to paſs immutably and infallibly[8]: yet by the ſame Providence he ordereth them to fall out, according to the nature of ſecond cauſes, either neceſſarily, freely or contingently[9].

III. God in his ordinary Providence maketh uſe of means[10], yet is free to work without[11], above[12], and againſt them at his pleaſure[13].

IV. The Almighty power, unſearchable wiſdom, and infinite goodneſs of God ſo farre manifeſt themſelves in his Providence, that it extendeth itſelfe even to the firſt Fall, and all other ſinnes of Angells and Men[14], but ſuch as hath joyned with it, a moſt wiſe and powerfull bounding[15], and otherwiſe ordering, and gover-