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ry God, and very Man, yet one Chriſt, the only Mediator between God and Man[1].

III. The Lord Jeſus, in his humane nature thus united to the divine, was ſanctified and anointed with the holy Spirit, above meaſure[2], having in him all the treaſeares of wiſdom and knowledge[3]: in whom, it pleaſed the Father, that all fulneſſe ſhould dwell[4]: to the end, that being holy, harmleſſe unfideled, and full of grace and truth[5], he might be thorowly furniſhed to execute the Office of a Mediator, and ſurety[6], Which Office he took not unto himſelf, but was thereunto called by his Father[7], who put all power & judgement into his hand, and gave him commandement to execute the ſame[8].

IV. This office, the Lord Ieſus did moſt willingly undertake[9]: which that he might diſcharge, hee was made under the Law[10], aud did perfectly fulfill it[11], endured moſt grievous torments immediatly in his Soul[12], and moſt painfull ſufferings in his body[13]: was crucified, and died[14]: was buried, and remained under the power of death; yet ſaw no corruption[15]. On the third day he aroſe from the dead[16], with the ſame body in which he ſuffered[17], with which alſo he aſcended into Heaven, and there ſitteth at the right hand of his Father[18], making interceſſion[19], and ſhall return to Iudge, men, and Angels, at the end of the world[20].

V. The Lord Ieſus, by his perfect obedience, and ſacrifice of himſelf, which he, through the eternall ſpirit once offered up unto God, hath fully ſatisfied the