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led by the Miniſtry of the Word[1], and may have ſome common operations of the Spirit[2], yet they never truely come unto Chrſt, and therefore cannot be ſaved[3]: much leſſe can men, not proſſeing the Chriſian Religion, be ſaved in any other way whatſoever, bee they never ſo diligent to frame their lives according to the light of Nature, and the Law of that Religion they doe profeſſe[4]. And, to aſſert and maintain, that they may, is very pernicious, and to be deteſted[5].

Chap. XI.

Of Iuſtfication,

THoſe whom God effectually calleth, he alſo freely juſtifieth[6]: not, by infuſing righteouſneſſe into them, but by pardoning their ſins, and by accounting and accepting their perſons as righteous; not, for any thing wrought in them, or done by them, but for Chriſts ſake alone; nor, by imputing faith it ſelf, the act of beleeving, or any other evangelicall obedience, to them, as their righteoufnelle; but, by imputing the obedience and ſatisfaction of Chriſt unto them, they receiving, and refting onhim and his righteoufnelfe by faith; which faith,they have,uot of themfelves, iris the gift of God r.

11. Faith, thus receiving'and refiing on Chrifl and his righteoufneffe, is the alone inllrument of juflificari - ond; yet is it not alone in the petfon jufiified,but is ever accompanied with all other faving graces, andis no

dead faith but worketh b Love e.