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just then. So I took a long time up over Drammensveien, and stayed away till the evening, pondering incessantly, as I walked along, as to how I would continue my drama. Before I came home in the evening of this day, the following happened:

I stood outside a shoemaker's shop far down in Carl Johann Street, almost at the railway square. God knows why I stood just outside this shoemaker's shop. I looked into the window as I stood there, but did not, by the way, remember that I needed shoes then; my thoughts were far away in other parts of the world. A swarm of people talking together passed behind my back, and I heard nothing of what was said. Then a voice greeted me loudly:


It was "Missy" who bade me good-evening! I answered at random, I looked at him, too, for a while, before I recognised him.

"Well, how are you getting along?" he inquired.

"Oh, always well … as usual."

"By the way, tell me," said he, "are you, then, still with Christie?"