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��VOL. I

��same, until all were sick. Then the father said, "Your younger brother is a great magi- cian. Do not seek his life, for he will over- come you." Despite this, they sought his life, because they were jealous. "Let us play the dish-game!" They brought a dish of stone, a big magic dish. Said Gluska'be, "Now, let us begin for I am fond of playing." They began playing. The oldest brother threw first, and won many counters. Then Gluskp'be threw once, and broke the dish to pieces. He gave a great laugh, and said, "Oh! it breaks easily. Let us try my dish!" Then he produced his dish, a small one of ivory. The oldest brother smiled. Gluskp'be threw, and won many counters. The oldest brother thought, "At once I shall break it in pieces when I throw." But when he tried, he could not lift it; his finger-nails only slipped on it. He was beaten. "I am not able to raise the dish, brother. You have won."




udlo"san eda'lgamuk' nodjr'wr'dagan He went to where they were dancing to dance* with them.

M.uiitt be'djo'set una^'mrhan

When there he arrived, he saw

pma'uzowr'n'owa' peba'mi krgi'm'don'- living people going about in groups talking*

ka'hadr'djik na'tc ne - 'gama

low. Then also he

uda'si-'djo'san uda'gwedjo'damu'kan dan edged up. He inquired, "What

mi-'na ali-'dabr'le ke-'gwus ali'"ta7)gwat next has occurred, what is being done?"

ma'nit'e pe - 'sagoal udr'fogul tca'stci' 1 * Then one of them told him, "Tca's-tci-l 1

ki - abe"t eli'gra' gwe'we'ldaman e'ltaTjgwa'k you the likes of you. You know what is going on!"

1 Accompanied by an insulting gesture, spreading the knuckles of the first two fingers and pointing toward him, a most insulting exclamation and motion.

��na'na a'tc ne'gama Gluska'be udr'lal Then also he Gluskp'be said to him,

ki-a'ga"tc tca's-tcr' oma'nr'ta'nenan "You yourself tca's-tci'l" He twisted his nose off (with his fingers),

nobi-'di'gan eda'lgamuk' nowr'dagan then he went in where they were dancing, then he danced,

wi-wunage"ta'wawal ni- 'banal teba'bo round about they danced (circling) summer a fluid

��ktci-'p'kan-a-'djo 2 ni-'yu in a big bark receptacle. 1 Here

��nr'swak two

��na'j/kskwak young girls

��ba-'magat were dancing

wulr'gowak handsome.

��ugalo'lan nda"tama uda'si'de'magowi'a' He spoke to them, not they answered him,

e'bagwa'tc awr'kwi-'naTjgu amo'skwHa'- on account of it they made fun of him. He*

ohogo ne'bagwatc wza'mi p'skwa'nenan became angry. Then on account of it, because he* stroked them on the back,

ne'lami wi'wuna'gaha'dit pe^'sagwada while they circled around, at once

gi'z madje' pi'lwrna'g w zuwak me"soma already they began to look strange before

mi-'na wi'wuna'gaha'dik'" ndala'oga'na again they circled about they could not dance.

��e'laboldi'hidit Looking on

��a'lnpbak una - 'mi'hana. the people saw

��ni-'swa' ma'skak e'bi'r'djik no'noda"kana two toads sitting. Then they threw them out.

ma'lhi'dahasu'ldowak e - 'li - ma'skaitahadit They wondered at how they turned into toads

na^kskwak ke'nuk pe-'sagwun e'lgaha'dit the girls, but still kept dancing

wzam medji-'mi tcuwi' 1 wi'wuna'ge'ta'wa because always must surround

ni-'ban we'dji'tc a'nda a'wen gi-'zi-- summer so that no one could*

2 Birch-bark vessels of at least eight different styles were used for storage and culinary purposes.

�� �