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c. (U) The USS FORRESTAL was on routine patrol in the Northern GOO area. (IO Exhibit 250).
d. (S) The USS FORRESTAL called away and launched the ALERT-7 F-14 and E-2C at 0647Z. (IO Exhibit 250).
e. (S) At approximately 0649Z the E-2C checked in with the USS VINCENNES and entered the LINK-11 Net which showed the tracks of the hostile surface units and air track 4131. (IO Exhibit 250).
f. (S) During the track life of TN 4131, the E-2C did not receive any radar, IFF, or ESM data on TN 4131. (IO Exhibit 250).

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  •  (IO Exhibit 234).
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  • Southern AWACS   was not airborne on 3 July 1988. (  p. 424).
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  •   (IO Exhibit 234). 2. Surface Engagement
    a. (S) At approximately 0330Z, 3 July, USS MONTGOMERY observed seven small Iranian gunboats approaching a Pakistani merchant vessel. USS MONTGOMERY reported over MEFEX net at 0333Z that the small boats had manned machine gun mounts and rocket launchers. (IO Exhibit 130,   p. 44).
    b. (S) Shortly thereafter USS MONTGOMERY observed a total of 13 Iranian gunboats breaking into three groups. Each group contained 3 to 4 gunboats with one group of four gunboats taking position off USS MONTGOMERY port quarter. (IO Exhibit 130 and   p. 44).
    c. (S) FURY FEZ (code name for missiles tight zone during SUCAP OPS) was activated by "GS" at 0334Z, 3 July 1988. After some discussion between "GW", "GS", and "CB", FURY FEZ was deactivated by "GS" at 0342Z. (IO Exhibit 130, 203, 172).
    d. (U) At 0411Z USS MONTGOMERY heard, over bridge to bridge, the gunboats questioning merchants in the area, and at