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at the expiration of three months after my death.

I have at divers times lent sums of money to Henry Honore Sailly, formerly my servant, but now Keeping the Hungerford Hotel, in the rue Caumartin at Paris, & for which sums of money I have undated bills or bonds signed by him. Now, I will & direct that if he desires it, these sums of money be let remain in his hands at an interest of five per cent, for five years after my death the date of the present Will.

To Henry James Hungerford, my nephew, heretofore called Henry James Dickinson, son of my late brother, Lieutenant-Colonel Henry Louis Dickinson, now residing with Mr. Auboin, at Bourg la Reine, near Paris, I give and bequeath for his life the whole of the income arising from my property of every nature & kind whatever, after the payment of the above annuity, & after the death of John Fitall, that annuity likewise, the payments to be made to him at the time of the interest or dividends become due on the stocks or other property from which the income arises.

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