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The Haunter of the Dark December 1936
The Thing on the Doorstep January 1937
Psychopompos September 1937
The Shunned House October 1937
Polaris December 1937
From Beyond February 1938
Beyond the Wall of Sleep March 1938
The Doom That Came to Sarnath * June 1938
The Tree August 1938
The Other Gods October 1938
The Nameless City November 1938
The Quest of Iranon March 1939
The Evil Clergyman April 1939
Celephais* June-July 1939
Cool Air* September 1939
In the Walls of Eryx October 1939
(With Kenneth Sterling)
The Case of Charles Dexter Ward May-July 1941
(abridged version)
The Shadow Over Innsmouth January 1942
Herbert West—Reanimator * March, July,
Sept., Nov. 1942
Sept., Nov. 1943

(N. B.: Except in a few instances where stories were reprinted from another magazine, these are all original publication dates. Lovecraft's stories have been and continue to be reprinted in WEIRD TALES, FAMOUS FANTASTIC MYSTERIES and other magazines.)

* Reprinted from another magazine. See following list:

Herbert West—Reanimator HOME BREW 1922
(Six-part serial)
The Lurking Fear HOME BREW 1923