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Oct. 2d. Gov. Mifflin arrived, and was received by all the horse, about one mile out of town, and was conducted in. On his approach to the town, he was saluted by a discharge from the artillery. The Governor met the militia officers of the county, and made a most flaming speech to them on the necessity and propriety of turning out on this occasion. I was unable to ottend it, but am informed it was pretty well written and delivered. Some companies of infantry arrived this day.

Oct. 3d. Gen. Proctor, with a most beautiful train of artillery, a great number of infantry, artillery, and horse, arrived this day, and began to encamp on the commons. Orders this day for the troops to turn out early in the morning to receive the President of the United States, who is expected early, having lodged at Harrisburgh this evening.

4th. The greatest vieing between the New Jersey and Pennsylvania horse who should be first on the ground to receive the President. At ten o'clock, the signal for mounting came, and away went the horse. The vanguard of the Phila. horse very improperly pressed by our troops, and took post in front. This was considered as not polite by the New Jersey cavalry, more particularly as we were strangers. The President came on. He was met by a very large train of Generals and other gentlemen, and all the troops that could be mustered. On his approaching the town, he was saluted by a Federal salute, and the ringing of bells; and every heart expands with joy, except the whiskey boys. They made a passage through the town to the Pennsylvania camp, and after receiving them, he took up his quarters in town. He was accompanied by Col. Hamilton as an aid, and a small scout of horse. No army ever received him with more heartfelt joy and satisfaction. I was much mortified that I could not attend the train. I was only a spectator of the cavalcade.

5th. The officers of each line of the army, with the Governor of each State, waited on the President at 12 o'clock, and were introduced to him, and received with that manly dignity which would have won enemies had they been there, unless their hearts were as black as their actions. My confinement prevented me this honor, which was a very great mortification.

6th. Nothing material excepting preparations for marching for Pittsburg. You are saluted from every quarter with the arrival of troops, a great many of whom are uniformed and well equipped, and in general good looking young men.

7th. Nothing of consequence.

8th. General review of the horse from New Jersey, at a sight of which the President was pleased to express his great satisfaction, and to pass the most flattering commendation on the spirit and patriotic conduct of our State. This day I mounted my horse for the first time in eighteen days, rode a little, and found it more inflamed. This night a most serious misfortune had nearly happened in the army. From some mistake, Gov. Mifflin had, in expectation of a meeting in Col. Gardner's regiment, ordered out some of the Phila. light horse, with orders to fire on any parties of men;