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[Concluded from 2). 43.)

10. X. alalum, Bnker; bulbo ovoideo magtio raerabranaceo-tunicato, caule iiullo, f'oliis 4-6 lorato-lanceolatis infiniis demura pedalibus, aciitis falcatis niargine ciliatis, spathse valvis lanceolatis veiitricosis 3-4-unciali- bus, ovario sessili, tubo 3-6-unciali saepe exserto, liiribi cseruleo-violacei segnieutis exterioribus obloiigo-spathulatis 2^-3-uiicialibus, interioribus triple brevioribus linearibus patulis vel deflexis, stigmatibus cum cristis segmeiitis exterioribus subaequilongis. — Iris alata, Poiret, Voy. Barb, vol. ii. p. 86 (1786); Lam. Encyc. vol. iii. p. 302; Bot. Reg.'t. 1876, et aliorum. Thelysia alata, Pari. PI. Ital. vol. iii. p. 317. Coresanthe alata, Klatt, Liunsea, vol. xxiv. p. 575 (ex parte). Iris scorpioides, Desf. Atl. vol. i. p. 40. t. 6 (1800); Eed. Lil. t. 211, et aliorum. Juno scorpioides, Tratt. Answ. vol. i. p. 135. Costia scorpioides, Willk. Bot. Zeit. 1860, p. 131; Willk. et Lange, Prodr. Hisp. vol. i. p. 144. Iris transtagnana, Brot. PL Lus. vol. i. p. 52. 1. trialata, Brot. Pbyt. vol. ii. p. 44. t. 95. /. microptera, Vahl, Emim. vol. ii. p. 142. Thelysia grandiflora, Salisb. Hort. Trans, vol. i. p. 303.

Bulb ovoid, 1^-2 inches tbick, coated with dark membranous tunics, the rootlets thickened. Stem none. Leaves 3-4 on each side, distichous, clasping and concealing the lower part of the spathe and tube, lorate- lanceolate, falcate, 12-18 lines broad dowmvards, narrowed gradually from the middle to an acute point, bright green, the edge minutely ciliated. Flowers solitary or rarely two from a bulb. Valves of the spathe lanceo- late, 3-4 inches long, very ventricose; ovary sessile at the top of the bulb as in Crocus. Tube slender, 3-6 inches long, usually exserted at the flowering time. Limb bright blue-purple ; the outer divisions 2^-3 inches long, oblong-spathulate, with a bright yellow keel inside, an inch or more broad, beardless ; inner divisions under an inch long, linear, spreading between the edges of the outer one. Stigmas with crest nearly as long as the outer segments, 6-8 lines broad at the apex of the lamina.

Hab. Portugal, Brotero. Spain, Webb ! Willkomm ! etc. Sardinia, Miiller! Bonjean ! E. Thomas! Sicily, Ball! Algeria, Balansa, 39 I Schimper! Bove! etc.

A very showy species, flowering in its native countries from December to February.

11. X. palcBstinum, Baker; bulbo ovoideo membranaceo-tunicato, caule nidlo, foliis 4-6 lorato-lanceolatis arete falcatis margine ciliatis in- fimis semipedalibus, spathse valvis membranaceis 3-4-uncialibus, ovario sessili, tubo incluso, limbi lutescentis segmentis exterioribus oblongo- spathulatis 1^-2-uncialibus, interioribus linearibus triplo brevioribus patulis vel deflexis, stigmatibus cum cristis segmentis exterioribus subse- quilongis.

Bulb ovoid, 12-18 lines thick, with thickened rootlets and loose dark brown membranous tunics. Leaves about half-a-dozen, lorate-lanceolate, sharply falcate, 9-12 lines broad at the base, 4-6 inches long, glaucescent, narrowed gradually from the middle to an acute point, the edge minutely denticulate. Spathe 3-4 inches long, with membranous linear valves reach- ing up to the base of the limb at the flowering time. Ovary sessile ; tube

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