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This page needs to be proofread.


■\Mentha rotnndifolia, L. A form with leaves more eloa,:>;ated than usual occurs in a hedge close to the bridge at Sea Grove, and it is this variety which has been mistaken for M. sylcestns \\\ the Isle of Wight.

M. satloa, L. By the side of a stream near the cliff at Brightstone (A. J. Hambrough, 1860). In ditches, and by the stream a little above Yar-bridge. There was also a specimen labelled " Guildford " in Dr. Bell Salter's herbarium.

  • M. rubra, Smith. In a ditch near the White Cottage, beLween Lake

and Shanklin (Rev. T. Salwey, 1857), and well establishel there in 1859. Hedge near the " Nelson's Arms Inn," Colwell Bay, and plenti- ful in the garden of the inn (H. C. Watson). Among Bram'jles by the roadside at Niton, close to a cottage (Rev. E. Carr).

[Salvia pratemis, L. The single plant mentioned in the ' Flora Vec- tensis ' grew in a grass field, but upon land that had been ploughed not many years previously. Mr. Kirkpatrick afterwards found another plant in a different part of his land ; no doubt accidentally introduced, and now e.\tinct.J

Origanum vidgare, L., var. virens. Isle of Wight Dr. J. E. Gray (Comp. Cyb. Brit. p. 545).

ThijDim Chamcedrys, Fries. Bleak Down (A. J. Hambrough). St. Helen's Spit, and probably elsewhere, but far less common than T. Serpylliim.

Oalamintha officinalis, L., var. Briggsii, Syme. Near Carisbrooke (F. Stratton, 1867).

■\Nepeta Cataria, L. By bridle-roads in two places on Bowcombe Down (F. Stratton).

Lamiiiin purpureiim, L., var. decipien-s, Syme. In garden ground at Bembridge.

Obs. Lamiiim intermedium mnst be erased from the list, Dr. Brom- field's specimens being nothing more than a variety of L. incisum, with, leaves broader and more cuneate than usual.

Slachi/s paliistris, L. Mr. Hambrough's specimen, supposed to have been S. amhir/ua, is only a slight variety of »S^. palustris. ^

Obs. ■\Ballola ruderalis. Dr. Bromfield's specimens from St. Law- rence do not belong to this but to B. foetida. Lam., nor have I succeeded in finding the former.

XAnagallis arvensis, L., var. ccerulea. In a field at Alverstone (J. Pristo).

Centunculus minimus, L. Gravel pit at the junction where the road from Newport branches to F^ishbourne and Ryde (Rev. A. M. Norman).

Plantago Coronopus, L. Inland on Pan Common, Bleak Down, and at Newchurch.

Schoberia marilima, Mey. The stouter and more ligneous form men- tioned by Dr. Bromfield grows on St. Helen's Spit, and in other places round Brading Harbour, but is certainly no more biennial than the ordi- nary state of the species. Judging from the description, it seems to be the typical S. maritima of Dumortier, Btdl. Soc. Royale Bot. de Belgique, vii. 328 (1868).

XGIimopodium polj/spermum, L., var. ci/mosum, Moq.-Tand. Near Shanklin, the only locality where I have found it, but var. acalifoliani, Sm., is frequent.

XC. album, L., var. candicuns, Lain. Near Kerne, etc., not uafrequent

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