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thi?ig llke ash; bears the lime, or small lemon of the country; it is a native of dry ground, and grows to but a small size. La?rd.?A coarse, brownish whim wood; tough, long-grained, and soft; has a small heart; firow? to about two feet diameter, end is used for building common houses. Laure?o.---.Sof?; a dirSy whim colour; coarse-grained, brittle, and light; is common, and grows to a small size. Moro--(Fustic); yellow, with a long fine grain; hard and tough; grows to the size of three feet six inches diameter; a line dye; very common in the w .oods on the banks of the river Chagres; has a peculiar smell. ?lffamaidtlo.--A close g.rain; grows from six inches to one foot dlam? ?er; the firma something like birch, but very wugh, and yellowish, reddish, and red-brown; is much used for rafters, and is common. Ma?9/e. (Mangrove ?)--Close grain, llke birch; reddish-brown, and very hard; is much used as timber for vessels; is very .con? mort throughout the low and swampy lands near the coast. Mad?o?o a la ,a?o.--IAke ?lime-trse; yellowish white; of a beautiful �close grain; herd, tough, andheavy; grows to one foot four inches dismoOr; is common, and used for upright? in hou?o- building. M?droio ff?.mLike box; ?n encellent wood for turning; grows to the size of one foot six inches diameter, and is common. M'embrillo.--White, hard, tough, close-grained, and lighfish; grows to a small size, and. common. M, da ?g/o.--So t?ldlod from its killing any other tree that it grows near; a long, close, sotS, shiny grain; white, tough, and very common; grows to a large size. Mame?.mIAke cherry-tree; a fruit-tr?e of the country; a hard, close grain; grows to about two feet diameter, and is tough; not very common. .Ma/a9eto.-- Like ash. Maria.--Grows exceedingly straight, and useful for mas?s and yards; white; long, close grain; soft and light; ?ows to os, foot six inches diameter. Maja?illo.-- Maja9.-- . Ni?pero.?Hard, clo?e grain; ?ellowlsh white, tough, and light; grows to about two feet diameter; is common, and used for house- Nara?jito.--Like beech; a very wngh, close-grained wood, of a lig-hfich brown; only grows to e small size. Naranjo del mo?te.--Like box: a very 4ine, yellowish, close-grained wood; very tough, and rather hard; grows to the size of from six inches to one/oot diameter; ?s particularly used for planes, ?ools, and axe-handles, 'but is not very plentiful. N/eros de hu?w.--A very tough, yello?v wood, with a long, eosr?e grain; grows to sbo?t a foot or foa?tean inche? diameter; Dig,tiz?d by Google