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This page needs to be proofread.

SUMMARY. Canton of panam? . . 16,?'24 ?, Los Santos' . 21,848 . Chorrera . 7411 ,? N?tl . 17,105 . Porto Velo 2425 ? Darien . I 172 Province of Panama. Canton of Santiago .. La Mesa �8722 . Reinedice 5010 ,, Alange . .. 7.4?5 Province of Fer .?a �85,?67 Total. number of inhabita?t?.in the gore..rm?nt of the Isthmu? in the year !$22 . lol,550 Most of thes? cantons are alike in ?eir resources and agricul- ture (with the exception of Porto-Bello and Darien, which are almost uncultivated), but distingt repo .?s. 9f the produce of each were not procured. The following specitlcation, however, of that of the canton of Los Sant0?. ? in 18??, ?may serve asan example with regard to cultivation; and a census of the parish o.f San ]?ran- CiSCo d e la Montafia is also subjoin.ed. Dig,tiz?d.lo� Google