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Royal Geographical Society.

present time; as well as all such documents and materials as may convey the best information to persons intending to visit foreign countries; it being of the greatest utility to a traveller to be aware, previously to his setting out, of what has been already done, and what is still wanting, in the countries he may intend to visit.

3. To procure specimens of such instruments as experience has shown to be most useful, and best adapted to the compendious stock of a traveller, by consulting which, he may make himself familiar with their use.

4. To prepare brief instructions for such as are setting out on their travels; pointing out the parts most desirable to be visited; the best and most practicable means of proceeding thither; the researches most essential to mark; phenomena to be observed; the subjects of natural history most desirable to be produred; and to obtain all such information as may tend to the extension of our geographical knowledge. And it is hoped that the Society may ultimately be enabled, from its funds, to render pecuniary assistance to such travellers as may require it, in order to facilitate the attainment of some particular object of research.

5. To correspond with similar societies that may be established in different parts of the world; with foreign individuals engaging in geographical pursuits, and with the most intelligent British residents in the various remote settlements of the Empire.

6. To open a communication with all those philosophical and literary societies with which Geography is connected; for as all are fellow-labourers in the different departments of the same vineyard, their united efforts cannot fail mutually to assist each other.

The Meeting then proceeded to nominate a Provisional Committee to consider and propose resolutions to be submitted to a General Meeting.

At a Meeting of the Geographical Society of London, held at the Rooms of the Horticultural Society, Regent Street, on Friday the 16th of July,

J. Barrow, Esq. in the Chair;
The following Resolutions were adopted.

1. That the Society, having been honoured with the gracious patronage and permission of His Majesty, be called 'The Royal Geographical Society of London'.