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Geo9?aph?! Notice of the Empire of M,zrocco. ? 45 ?ot formidable, ? they have no idea of ?e advantage of mo? in masses; if their fi?t ?a?e is not decisive, ?ey must ? e?ily routed; many of them are good marCmen; ?e management of arti!le? in the field is beyond ?eir ?mprehe?ion. The Ed? of the youth is confined to !ea?g ?e K?, which �ey are ?ught by rate in the sch?ls, and the management of a hor? and fire-a?s. M? is almost u?nown; a rude ?pe and more barbarous d?m are in use, but after listening a long time no p?tensions to h?ony could be discovered, except among ?e S?ll? moun- taineers, why'songs were planrive and ple?ing. The Moors are generally a ?ne-looking ?ce of men, of the middle statur? ?ough at fi?t sight their 1oo? ? dress gives them the ap?rance of large men; after middle age they be?me co?ulent, both men and women. owing to ?eir inactive life. They have usually good meth; complexion of all shad?, owing to their inter- course wi? ?e negros, and we remarked the darker the colour generally ?he finer men, and more dete?in? ?cters; ?e women, who are pretty when young, blacken ?r eye-lash? and eye-brows with ? k?l, (l?d ore,) and stain the tips of ?eir ?ngers (? do also some of the men, the fo? of ?is co?t? it is presumed) with '?, which is far from adding ? ?eir ?auty, being of a d?p o?nge colour. The Dress of the Moors ? picturesque and graceful; a shi?, with large sleeves, and drawe? of ample dimemions, of whim linen, over which by m?y ? worn a k?f? with short sleeve, bu?n? to ?e sha?, of bright yellow, or light blue clo?; a many?olou?d ?lk sash round the waist, over ?is a white. � Ha?, a long light w?lleu, cotton, or silk mantl? wo? ? ?e Roman toga, and at times a sort of cloak, with a h?d, called a S?Sm, of blue, yet more generally of white c?ime?; a ? cap, round which is wou? some whi? muslin ? ? to fo? a turban, and slip?rs 0r b? of ?e?m Marocco lea?er; ?e ?& is worn by women ? well ? men, of?u ?e only g?ment, ?d at times so ?ne ? to be transp?ent; ?e women always wear r? slippe?, and nei?er men nor women wear stokings. A Je?a is a co?se se?iceable ?ent, made of ?, ?d worn by the p?rer people, and cannot be beRer ?pm?n? ? by ma?ng a hole in the ?ttom of a sa? for ? h?d, ? cut?g the lower ?mers off for a?-holes. ?e Jews are not allowed to we? colou?; a black ?s black cap, and black slippers, mark their degradation. The usual fo? throughout ?e county is a d?h call? K?, composed of mutton or fowls stowed wi? a few vegetable, se? up in a large fiat eatenware pan, fi!i? to ore,owing with g?- nulated pasta, forming a savoury and nutritious dish; ? is placed L , , Dig,tized by ?00?[C