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INDEX TO VOL. I. A?mc?,?r Association, Union of with the Royal Geographical Society, Aitkins' Rock, (Vigia, so called,) 01-8. Arracan, Remarks on the Coast of, lYS-9--Rise of Tide on, l?6--Popu- lation, Markets, Manners, &e., l??. Atlas, range of, 139, 148-00. Barrow Island, 200. Black Sea, Memoir on the Voyage of H.M.S. Blonde in, 101-22. Beethey, Captain F. W., Analysis of his Voyage to the Pacific, &o. 193-222 --Topographical results of, 193-210--Hydographiosl ditto, 210--Meteor- ological, 211-3--Magnettoni, t10--Physical Geography, 215-to--Fossll Looms, 221. Behring's Straits, 204-?. Boniu Islands, 209. Boosan, 180. Bow Island, 201. Cairo, Account of Operations to find Waler in the Desert between and Suez, 252. Carysfoot Island, 2OO. Cookburn Sound, 8-9--Island, 201. Cocos, or Keeling Islands, 66-9. Columbretes Islands, 58-62. Coodoonia River, 180. Damuggoo, 187. Danube, 120. Deception Island, 62-6. Diomede Islands, 203. Easter Island,' ! 95. Eboe, 189. F_,gga, 180. Egmont Island, 200. Funda, 186. Gambler Islands, ?197. Gloucester Island, 201. Greenland, Account of Danish Discoveries on the East Coast of, 247-$2. Hyderabad, 22Y-8. Indus, Course and Navigation of, 229-31. Irtysh, supposed Source of in Khoten, 246. Kamschatka, 203. Keeling Islands (Cocos), 66-9. Khoten, Notice on b}? Mr. Moorcroft, 230-4?--Cities of, 236--8oil and Cli- mate, 238--Inhabitants, 239--Zoology,_ 240--Productions and Manufao. tures, 241--Coin, 241--Trade, 242--. Rivers, 244. Dig,tiz?d by Googlc