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King George's Sound, Account of, 21-4—Description of Natives of, 25-50 —Vocabulary of their language, 47.

Kurachee (Sinde), 228.

Kirree, 188.

Lagoon Island, of Cook, 199—of Bligh, 201.

Leschenault, Port, 9.

Loo-Choo Islands, 208.

Lord Hood's Island, 198.

Marocco, Empire of, 123-55--City of, 135-39 -Inhabitants, 141. Mocha, 194. Moorcroft, Mr. W., Papers of. 233-4 ?. Niger, Journal of an Expedition to determine the course of, 179-91 Odessa, 114. Omerhote (Sinde), 228. Oshaburgh Island, 200. Otahei!e, 2 03. Pacific, Reef in, 255. PanamA, Isthmus of, 69-101--its Physical Geography. ?O--Woods, 71-76- Zoology, ??tClimate, 78--Rivera, ?9-82?Communlcation across it, 83 roTowns, 85-8--Gold Mines in, 89--P0,oulation , 89-93?Markets, 94m Trade, 96-9?Chara?ter, &c. of Populatzon, 100. Pitcairn Islands, 196. Quorra, see Niger. Rabba, 184. Rio .laneitc, ! 94. Sandwich Islands, 203, 208. Serpents, Isle of, 116. Serle Island, 199. Sebastapol, 108. Shary, River, 186. Sinde, Analysis of Bumes' Visit to the Court of, 222-31. South America, Observations on the Geography of the Southern extremity of, 155-75?Section of between Carthagena and Bogota, 254. Swan River, State of the Colony of, 1-16--Botany of vicinity of, 1?-21- Further aeoottnts from. 255-7.

Thrum-cap Island, 200.

Tshadda, River, 186.

Varna, 121.

Volcanic Island thrown up between Sicily and Pantellaria, 258-62.

Whirsunday Island, 199.

Yaoori, 181.

Yarkund, 234.London., W. Clowee, Stamford-street.