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I My Brother Finds Himself in Two Places at Once 1
II And Escapes from Both 14
III I Have Encounter by the River 31
IV I Sit in on Fate 48
V The Underworld Intrudes 60
VI And I Fail to Prevent a Bump-Off 72
VII I Keep My Own Counsel 87
VIII A Lady Discredits Me 98
IX I Seek the Underworld 107
X And Learn the Ways of Its Logic 116
XI The Thieves' Ball 134
XII I Discover "The Queer" 153
XIII And Learn the Soothing Effects of Fond du Lac Twins 173
XIV I Take Government Orders 185
XV In Which I Assist a Get-away 196
XVI I Walk into a Parlor 210
XVII Chiefly Devoted to a Gas Called KX 219
XVIII Doris Appears and Vanishes 239