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The most high Republic of the Venetians, in the reign of the Doge Pasquale Cicogna, having been beseeched by the spokesmen of the Cephalonians that they should protect their most loyal allies from the ever-present danger of enemies, entrusted to Bartolomeo Moro, provveditore of the island, to Giovanni Mocenigo, returning from his second governorship of the realm of Crete, and to Vicenzo da Canal, provveditore and captain of Corfu that, taking consideration for the common safety, they should see to the fortification of a location on the island, such that they should no longer endure oppressive attacks. Wherefore, considering the fine location at Nasso, with God's favour they all decided to build here a town. The entirety of this work, indeed, the most grand senators assigned to Raffaele Rasponi, a diligent man, on the sixth day before the Ides of November (8 November) 1593, when Scipione Minio & Ambrogio Corner were consiglieri.

But after the death of Rasponi, the same Corner was appointed vice-provveditore of the town by the most excellent Senate, and under his command, by the enthusiasm and application of Count Pietro Gabuti, colonel, a man of the highest integrity in all matters, as successor to the same Rasponi, the fortifications were brought into a quite finished state with the addition of two necessary towers, in the year of the Lord 1595.