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Fire, the Author nearly destroyed by, 185.

"Fiscaal," the, curious belief of the Cape people respecting, 78.

Fish, 182.

Fly, wasp-like, 57; the Author severely stung by one, ib.

Flying-Fish, the, a schooner, 338.

Foam, the, a small schooner chartered by Mr. Galton for the voyage to Walfisch Bay, 28, 29.

Fowl, domestic, 201, 482.


Gabriel, his violent disposition, 79; dismissed at Barmen, 125; marks his subsequent career with violence and insolence, 140.

Galton, Mr., starts for the Erongo Mountain, 114; obtains information from Jonker, 139; departs for England, 247.

Gemsbok, the, first sight of, 57; death of one, 123; the Damaras feast on it, 124; description of, 273.

Geological characteristics of Great Namaqua-land, 313.

Ghanzé, arrival at, 367; description of, 368; departure from, 386.

Giraffe, the, one killed, 59; their marrow good eating, ib.; troop of, 92; peculiar motion of, 93; troop of, 154; a splendid one pulled down by lions, 396.

Giraffe-thorn, the, 42.

Gnoo, a, chase after and death of, 113; stalking them in company with lions, 210.

Grain, kind of, grown among the Ovambo, 188; the storing of, 201.

Griquas, the Author meets with a party of, 347; one of them engaged as interpreter, ib.; information derived from, 429, 430; severe losses sustained by a party of, 469.

Grosbeak, the social, 104.

Guinea-fowls, an immense number at Onanis, 92; the flesh of the young tender and well flavored, ib.; the best mode of shooting them, ib.; their eggs excellent, 136.

Guitar, 193.


Hahn, Mr., a missionary of the Rhenish Society, settled among the Damaras, 56; a Russian by birth, 108; his missionary labors, 109; his coadjutors, ib.; his fruitless efforts to bring about a reconciliation between the Damaras and the Namaquas, 127.

Hans (Larsen), 68; a fine specimen of the true Northman, 69; his great strength, ib.; an indefatigable sportsman, 70; enters Mr. Galton's service, ib.; his character for being a good woodsman damaged, 154; meets with a little adventure, 241; enters into partnership with the Author, 265; goes into Damara-land to trade with the natives, 269; has an adventure with the Damaras, ib.; emigrates to Australia, 334.

Hare, the Namaqua superstition respecting, 317.

Hareld, the (Arctic duck), mode in which it obtains its food, 32.

Heat, effects of excessive, 51, 101.

Heitjeebib, a deity worshiped by the Namaquas, 316.

Hill-Damaras, the, 60; a kraal of, at Onanis, 89; cultivate dacka or hemp as a substitute for tobacco, ib.; unusual manner in which they smoke, ib.; description of the pipe they use, 89, 90; a kraal of, at the foot of Omuvereoom, 157; probably the aborigines of Damara-land, 215.

Hippopotamus, the, the actions and figure of, mimicked by a Damara, 159; visits Omanbondè, 163; one takes up his abode at Schmelen's Hope, ib.; abound on the northern side of Lake Ngami, 434; its supposed identity with the Behemoth of Scripture, 487; where found, ib.; two species in Africa, 488; description of, ib.; its food, 490; ravages caused by, ib.; possessed of a good memory, 492; nocturnal excursions, 493; easily domesticated, ib.; kept in captivity by the ancient Romans, ib.; details respecting those in the Zoological Society's Gardens in the Regent's Park, London, 494; its most valuable parts, ib.; manner in which the Bayeye harpoon, 495; drawings on the monuments and sculptures of Thebes relating to the chase of, 499; the Author's safety jeopardized by one, 502; instances of the ferocity of, 503; various devices for destroying, 504.

History of Damara-land, 215.

Hogs, found among the Ovambo, 189.

Honey, wild, poisonous, 91.

Horse, the Cape Colony, 326; instance of the extraordinary endurance of, 327.

Horse-sickness, the, 67; three mules and one horse perish of, ib.; its cause unknown, ib.; usually makes its appearance in the months of November and December, 68; common throughout various parts of Southern Africa, 68.

Hottentots, a small kraal of, 39; Frederick, their chieftain, and the alarum, ib.; of Great Namaqua-land, 314.

Hountop River, the, Author's party encamps near, 301; game abundant in the neighborhood of, ib.; an interesting atmospheric phenomenon at, 302.

Houses, the Ovambo, 201; the Damara, 222; the Namaqua, 315; the Bayeye, 479.

Hyæna, the, 123; called wolf by the colonists, 131; mode of setting spring-guns for, 132; startling appearance of a spotted, 369.


Ia Kabaka. the, a mountain, 144, 155.