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Literary Gazette 4th October 1823, Page 635



Farewell, farewell! Of this be sure,
    Since thou art false to me,
For all the world I'd not endure
    What I have felt for thee.

Oh never may I feel again
    What once I felt for thee, love;
Never will thou be dear again
    As once thou wert to me, love.

There was a time when not a shade
    Could rest on aught about thee;
Now the young heart thou hast betrayed,
    Alas has learnt to doubt thee.

I will not bid thee call to mind
    The sweet hopes thou hast banished,—
Why should the lamp remain behind
    When the flame it fed has vanished?

Why should I picture to thy view
    The feelings thou hast blighted?
Or bid thee think how fond, how true
    The bosom thou hast slighted?

As the poor bird is left to pine
    We once could fondly cherish,
So when my heart replied to thine,
   'Twas coldly left to perish.

Go, false one! bask in other eyes,
    Some one may then deceive thee,
And thou wilt know the tears, the sighs,
    That come when fond dreams leave thee.

Farewell! each sweet link of the heart
    Thy falsehood now must sever;
Go! cruel, faithless as thou art,—
    Farewell, farewell for ever!