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Literary Gazette, 28th June 1823, Page 412

It is—it is! tread on thy way,
    Be base, be grovelling, soulless, cold,
Look not up from the sullen path
    That leads to this world's idol—gold.

And close thy hand, and close thy heart,
    And be thy very soul of clay,
And thou wilt be the thing the crowd
    Will worship, cringe to, and obey.

But look thou upon Nature's face,
    As the young Poet loves to look;
And lean thou where the willow leans,
    O'er the low murmur of the brook.

Or worship thou the midnight sky,
    In silence at its moonlit hour;
Or let a single tear confess
    The silent spell of music's power.

Or love, or feel, or let thy soul
    Be for one moment pure or free,
Then shrink away at once from life,—
    Its path will be no path for thee.

Pour forth thy fervid soul in song—
    There are some that may praise thy lays;
But of all earth's dim vanities,
    The very earthliest is praise.