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Literary Gazette, 11th November, 1836, Page 730

But after comes a steadier light,
    A long and lasting dream;
Like the full heaven which the sun
    Flings down on life's dark stream.

One lingers—for she dares not trust
    Her lamp upon the wave;
She knows the omen ere it come—
    Her heart is its own grave.

There is a love that in the soul
    Burns silent and alone;
Tho' all of early happiness
    Has long, too long been flown.

But, like the lotus, whose soft depths
    Receive the morning sun;
The true fond flower still looks to heaven,
    Though light and day are done.

But she, amid her gladder friends,
    Leans pensive on the strand;
She keeps her fairy bark unlaunched,
    Beside her trembling hand.

Why should she send her fairy freight
    To question future pain;
She knows her utter misery—
    She loves, and loves in vain.

I pray his pardon, he who traced
    The graceful forms I see;
Oh, magic painter! to thy skill
    The spirit yields its key.

The treasures of these distant lands
    Are given to thy will;
But thou hast yet a dearer charm—
    The heart obeys thy skill.
L. E. L.