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2J5 T e3L TO WASHINGTON IRVING, This book — the chi'onicle .i my travels through lands once occupied by tho Saracens — naturally dedicates itself to you, who, more than any other American author, have revived the traditions, restored the history, and illustrated the character of that brilliant and heroic people. Your cordial encouragement confirmed me in my design of visiting the East, and making myself familiar with Oriental life ; and though I bring you now but imperfect returns, I can at least unite with you in admiration of a field 80 rich in romantic interest, and indulge the hope that I may one day pluck from it fruit instead of blossoms. In Spain, I came upon your track, and I should hesitate to exhibit my own gleanings where you have harvested, were it not for the belief that the rapid sketches I have given will but enhance, by the contrast, the charm of your finished picture. BAYARD TAYLOR.