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PREFACE. This volume comprises the second portion of a series of travels, of which the " Journey to CEjjiTRAi. Africa." already published, is the first part. I left home, intending to spend a winter in Africa, and to return during the following summer ; but circumstan- ces afterwards occurred, which prolonged mj wan- derings to nearly two years and a half, and led me to visit many remote and unexplored portions of the globe. To describe this jouraey in a single work, would embrace too many incongruous elements, to say nothing of its great length, and as it falls naturally into three ])arts, or episodes, of very distinct character, I have judged it best to group my experiences under three separate heads, merely indicating the links which connect them. This work includes my travels in Pales- tine, Syria, Asia Minor, Sicily and Spain, and will be followed by a third and concluding volume, containing my adventures in India, China, the Loo-Choo Islands,