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Vlll CONTENTS. tine ?— A Heavenly Morning — The Land of Milk and Honey— Entering the Hill- Coantry— The Pilgrim's Breakfast — The Father of Lies — A Church of the Crusaders —The Agriculture of the Hills— The Valley of Elah— Day-Dreams— The Wildemesa —The Approach— We See tte Holy City . 48 CHAPTER IV. THE DEAD SEA AND THE RIVER JORDAN. Bargaining for a Guard — Departure from Jerusalem — The Hill of Offence— Bethany— The Grotto of Lazarus— The Valley of Fire— Scenery of the Wilderness— The Hills of Engaddi— The shore of the Dead Sea — A Bituminous Bath — Gallop lo the ^ ordan — A watch for Robbers — The Jordan — Baptism — The Plains of Jericho^The Fountain of Elisha — The Mount of Temptation — Return to Jerusalem .... 60 CHAPTER V. THE CITY OF CHRIST. Modern Jerusalem— The Site of the City — Mount Zion — Mount Moriah — The Temple— The Valley of Jehosaphat— The Olives of Gethsemane— The Mount of Olives— Moslem Tradition— Panorama from the Summit — The Interior of the City — The Population — Missions and Missionaries — Christianity in Jerusalem — ^Intolerance — The Jews of Jerusalem— The Face of Christ— The Church of the Holy Sepulchre— The Holy of Holies — The Sacred Localities — Visions of Christ — The Mosque of Omar — The Holy Man of Timbuctoo — Preparations for Departure . . .... 72 CHAPTER VI. THE HILL-COUNTRY OP PALESTINE. Leaving Jerusalem — The Tombs of the Kings— El Bireh — The Hill-Country — First View of Mount Hermon — The Tomb of Joseph — Ebal and Gerizim — The Gardens of Nablous — The Samaritans — The Sacred Book — A Scene in the Synagogue — Mentor and Telemachus — Ride to Samaria — The Ruins of Sebaste — Scriptural Landscapes — Halt at Genin — The Plain of Esdraelon — Palestine and California — The Hills of Nazareth — Accident— Fra Joachim— The Church of the Virgin— The Shrine of the Annunciation- The Holy Places . 88 CHAPTER VII. THE COUNTRY OF GALILEE. departure from Nazareth — A Christian Guide — Ascent of Mount Tabor— Wallachian Hermits— The Panorama of Tabor —Ride to Tiberias— A Bath in Genesareth— The