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Xll CONTENTS. lage— The Valley of the Tombs— Rock Sepulchres of the Phrygian Kings— The Titan'a Camp — The Valley of Kiimbeh — A Land of Flowers — Turcoman Hospitality — The Exiled Effendis — The Old Turcoman — A Glimpse of Arcadia — A Landscape — Inter- ested Friendship — The Valley of the Pursek — Arrival at Kiutahya . . . 274 CHAPTER XXIII. KIUTAHYA, AND THE RUINS OP CEZANI. Entrance into Kiutahya— The New Khan — An Unpleasant Discovery — Kiutahya — The Citadel— Panorama from the Walls — The Gorge of the Mountains — Camp in a Meadow — The Valley of the Rhyndacus— Chavdiir— The Ruins of (Ezani— The Acro- polis and Temple — The Theatre and Stadium— Ride down the Valley — Camp at Daghj- Koi 290 CHAPTER XXIV. THE MTSIAN OLYMPUS. Journey Down the Valley — The Plague of Grasshoppers — A Defile — The Town of Tau- ehanlii — The Camp of Famine — We leave the Rhyndacus — The Base of Ol3rmpus — Primeval Forests — The Guard-House — Scenery of the Summit — Forests of Beech— Saw-Mills — Descent of the Mountain — The View of Olympus — Morning — The Land of Harvest — Aineghiol — A Showery Ride — The Plain of Brousa — The Structure of Olym- pus — We reach Brousa — The Tent is Furled 800 CHAPTER XXV. BROUSA AND THE SEA OF MARMORA. The City of Brousa— Return to Civilization — Storm— The Kalputcha Hammam — A Hot Bath — A Foretaste of Paradise — The Streets and Bazaars of Brousa — The Mosque — The Tombs of the Ottoman Sultans — Disappearance of the Katurgees — We start for Moudania — The Sea of Marmora — Moudania — Passport Difficulties — A Greek Caique — ^Breakfast with the Fishermen — ^A Torrid Voyage — The Princes' Islands— Prinkipo— Distant View of Constantinople — ^We enter the Golden Horn .... Sl'i CHAPTER XXVI. T3E NIGHT OP PREDESTINATION. Constantinople in Ramazan — The Origin of the Fast— Nightly Illuminations — The Night ©f Predestination — The Golden Horn at Night— Dlumination of the Shores— The