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interpretation to the nature of the Heaven promised by the Prophet, and I have heard several openly confess their disbe- lief in the seventy houries and the palaces of pearl and emerald. Shekh Mahommed Senoosee scarcely ever utters a sentence in which is not the word Allah," and La illah il' Allah " is repeated at least every five minutes. Those of his class consi- der that there is a peculiar merit in the repetition of the names and attributes of God. They utterly reject the doctrine of the Trinity, which they believe implies a sort of partnership, or God-firm (to use their own words), and declare that all who accept it are hopelessly damned. To deny Mahomet's prophet- ship would excite a violent antagonism, and I content myself with making them acknowledge tnat God is greater than all Prophets or Apostles, and that there is but one God for all the human race. I have never yet encountered that bitter spirit of bigotry which is so frequently ascribed to them; but on the contrary, fully as great a tolerance as they would find exhibited towards them by most of the Christian sects. This morning a paper was sent to us, on which we were requested to write our names, ages, professions, and places of nativity. We conjectured that we were subjected to the sus- picion of political as well as physical taint, but happily this was not the case. I registered myself as a voyagmr, the French as negocians, and when it camo to the woman's turn, Absalom, who is a partisan of female progress, wished to give her the same profession as her husband — a machinist. But she declared that her only profession was that of a married woman," and she was so inscribed. Her peevish boy rejoiced in the title of '^ pleuricheur,^^ or "weeper," and the infant ag

  • ' titeuse," or " sucker." W'lile this was going on, the guardi-