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THE FIFTH DECLENSION. £-STEMS dies, m., day res, f., thing Stem die- Base di- Stem re- Base r- OiWLiUUAK terminations Norn. dies res -es Gen. diei rei i Dat. die! rei i Ace. diem rem -em Abl. die re Plural -e Nom. dies res -€s Gen. dietum rerum -enun Dat. diebus rebus -ebus Ace. dies- res -«s Abl. diebus rebus -ebus . SPECIAL PARADIGMS deus, m., god domus, f., house vis, f., strength iter, n., way. Stems deo- domu- vi- • and viri- iter- and itiner- Bases de- dom- V- Singular and vir- iter- and itiner- Nom. deus domus vis iter Gen. del domiis vis (rare) itineris Dat. de5 domui, -o vi (rare) itineri Ace. deum domum vim iter Abl. deo domo, -u Plural vi itinere Nom. del, di domiis vires itinera Gen. deorum, deum domuum, -orum vlrium itinerum Dat. deis, dis domibus vTribus itineribus Ace. deos domos, -lis viris, -es itinera Abl. deis, dis domibus vTribus itineribus a. The vocative singular of deus is like the nominative, b. The locative of domus is domi.