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This page needs to be proofread.


. Principal Parts f toW, Telle, Tolul, , be willing^ will^ vnsh nOlle, nSlui, , be unwilling^ will not malle, malui, , be more tvilling^ prefer


[ malO,

and mal6 are compounds of vol6. N616 is for ne (no() + vol6, and 

mild for ma (from magis, more) 4- vol6. The second person vis is from a different root. Indicative SINGULAR Pres. vols nolo malo VIS non vis mavis vult non vult PLURAL mavult volumus nolumus malumus vultis non vultis mavul'tis volunt nolunt malunt Imp/, volebam nolebam malebam Fut. volam, voles, etc. nolam, noles, etc. malam, males, etc Perf. volul ndlul maluT Plup. volueram nolueram malueram /•. P. voluero noluerd Subjunctive singular maluero rres. velim nolim m§lim veils nolTs mails velit nolit PLURAL malit veli'mus noirmus malT'mus vcirtis noirtis mali'tis velint nolint malint Impf. vellem noUem mallem rerf. voluerim ndluerim miluerim riup. voluissem noluissem Imperative maluisscm Pres n6li ndllte I rd. I'ttt. ndlitd. etc