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Leaves of Grass.

Voluptuous, inhabitive, combative, conscientious, alimentive, intuitive, of copious friendship, sublimity, firmness, self-esteem, comparison, individuality, form, locality, eventuality.

Avowing by life, manners, works, to contribute illustrations of results of The States,

Teacher of the unquenchable creed, namely, egotism,

Inviter of others continually henceforth to try their strength against his.

34. The main shapes arise !

Shapes of Democracy, final — result of centuries.

Shapes of those that do not joke with life, but are in earnest with life.

Shapes, ever projecting other shapes.

Shapes of a hundred Free States, begetting another hundred north and south.

Shapes of turbulent manly cities.

Shapes of an untamed breed of young men, and natural persons,

Shapes of the women fit for These States,

Shapes of the composition of all the varieties of the earth.

Shapes of the friends and home-givers of the whole earth.

Shapes bracing the whole earth, and braced with the whole earth.