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Chants Democratic.

Northward, on the sands, on some shallow bay of Paumanok, I, with parties of snowy herons wading in the wet to seek worms and aquatic plants;

Retreating, triumphantly twittering, the king-bird, from piercing the crow with its bill, for amusement — And I triumphantly twittering ;

The migrating flock of wild geese alighting in autumn to refresh themselves — the body of the flock feed — the sentinels outside move around with erect heads watching, and are from time to time relieved by other sentinels — And I feeding and taking turns with the rest ;

In Kanadian forests, the moose, large as an ox, cornered by hunters, rising desperately on his hind- feet, and plunging with his fore-feet, the hoofs as sharp as knives — And I, plunging at the hunters, cornered and desperate ;

In the Mannahatta, streets, piers, shipping, store- houses, and the countless workmen working in the shops,

And I too of the Mannahatta, singing thereof — and no less in myself than the whole of the Mannahatta in itself,

Singing the song of These, my ever united lands — my body no more inevitably united, part to part, and made one identity, any more than my lands are inevitably united, and made one identity,

Nativities, climates, the grass of the great Pastoral Plains,

Cities, labors, death, animals, products, good and evil — these me.