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This page needs to be proofread.

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 ¢·‘Y‘< j       %*h;   in    
 A$J%$¢    lhilllsévenriiiiifvf the`; ri¢h   it ~ snni  r
 ¢>{&      and by which she has enlivened her     Jii%A  
  ~k<  i      b<¤>k w¤r¤ in =b¤ .h¤¤<1¤  <>f ever   if
 $V Y<  »  ‘;‘    % V%   was cnsr¤11y i sr¤aiea, cordially   asriiruiiy
 pi   ¢¢``   v¢;_  it would do _more,the divinely instituted means of 1 grace
 lpyn    m0re,lperhaps,_ than any one book, in elevating,
 blessing the whole population of our country.
other class   in the land, taken as a class, are of
   as that addressed by Mrs. Sigour-
 class wield so deep, so permanent, so universal an
 ydlp   they'!   ii`, as a body, they were to embrace
   ;,,,_     of their iiitationgtheir responsibilities, and their intlu.

is . ence, to act i_,j those views into practice,

   ````d what     such everlasting good,
     ret,     institutions of the American people!
   ‘ii‘til   to do their duty to the bod-

M their immortal offspring, and they would be an

 ,r,,    indeed, but, still, a more powerful associ-
 iis;   `Y r``;»   other in existence without a divine con-
 ,    truth, it would be a divinely constituted society,
 inits yery being the seal of a charter from God.
 I  should like to enter into a more particular analysis of
 lviii   ,c_,   letters to   But perhaps what we have said
     effectual as such an analysis would be, in calling atten-
 ii¢s~   contents. We would commend the whole toytjaithful
 n `,``     It abounds in distinct subjects of thought, many of ` which

Qi »r``; to the father as to the mother, and all of which i i`ilit`s yery depths, the secret plsces, the hidddn springs of

 2      and of human happiness?

°) _ fi I p ryry _ run 1. 1 sua 11, n it TOSYOUNG LADIES. Br Mas. Srcomzmtr.

 A » Seventh Edition.